Kubernetes 1.28 - What's new? Sidecar containers, Job optimizations, Better Proxys

Kubernetes 1.28 - What's new?

Kubernetes 1.28 will be out soon, and it brings 44 new or improved enhancements: 19 are new or improved Alpha enhancements that you can start testing. 14 are Beta enhancements, enabled by default from now on. 11 enhancements are considered Stable, and ready for prime time. This version bring exciting quality of life improvements. Let’s tap into them. The Hot Stuff Four trends and enhancements catched our eye. #753 Sidecar Container It’s been years since the sidecar pattern started being promoted as a useful practice....

2023-08-08 · 27 min · 5543 words · Víctor Jiménez Cerrada